Winter Red Rock

Winter Red Rock

Youth Leader: Robert S.

Adult Leader: Eric Spurgeon

Contact Information: 217-791-3468

Event Date: 2021-01-28

Event Time: 5 PM

Event Start Location: Crossroads Church Parking Lot

Event Location: Red Rock

Event End Date: 2021-01-30

Event End Time: 11 AM

Event End Location: Crossroads Church Parking Lot

Event Cost: Around $15, TBD

Dress for Event: Class A Uniform for Travel

Sign-Up before: 2021-01-25

Event Description

Much like a normal Red Rock campout we will be camping two nights out at Mr. A's property where we will play Native American flutes and build fires. This time we have also been challenged to compete against Mr. A and his record for sledding down the hill to get to the campsite. However, this will be up to the weather (which is why there are two different dates for the start and end dates). We will be camping out there on whichever weekend is forecasted to have the right weather for sledding. If neither weekends is forecasted to have snow out there, the campout will be moved the the second / backup weekend where we will hold a normal camp Red Rock. Be looking for my emails as we get closer to the dates.

Things To Bring

Check this link when packing for the campout: Packing list

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