2018-12-02 Meet Jack R. and Plant Butterfly/Pollinator Garden

Event name: Meet Jack R. and Plant Butterfly/Pollinator Garden

Youth Event Leader Name: TBD

Adult Event Advisor Name: James Olsen

Adult Event Advisor Phone: 309.340.2554

Adult Event Advisor Email: james@planetolsen.com

Event Date: Sunday, Dec 2nd, 2018

Event Time: 9:00 AM - ~10:30 AM

Event Location: Washington City Hall (we will travel to different location after that)

Link to Map Click Here

Event Cost: FREE

Dress: Activity Uniform

Items to Bring:




Water bottle

Event Description:

In 2014, Chicago-area cub scout Jack R. heard about the Washington tornado and raised $500 for those impacted in our city and delivered it in person to Mayor Manier. His interest in our community continues and he is coming back as a Boy Scout to Washington to plant some milkweed and native Illinois plant seeds for our city.

He would like to meet our troop and is asking for help planting some milkweed for butterflies and native Illinois pollinator seeds. What a wonderful way to continue to support our community a meet a new scout!

We will meet him and Mayor Manier at City Hall and then travel to the location to do the seed spreading/planting.

Please come out and help Jack help our community and show him some Troop 163 hospitality.

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