2020 Klondike Sled Build

Event name: 2020 Klondike Sled Build

Youth Event Leader Name: Landyn S.

Adult Event Advisor Name: Ken Rose

Adult Event Advisor Phone: 3093976030

Adult Event Advisor Email: knd.rose1@gmail.com

Event Date: Saturday 1/4/2020 - We may meet on 1/11 also

Event Time: 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Event Location: Garage at Siltman's house - 200 Catherine St Washington, IL

Event Cost: None

Dress: Activity Uniform (Scout T-Shirt)

Items to Bring:

Safety Glasses, Work Gloves, Weather related items

Event Description:

Assist with building the troop longboat (sled) for Klondike.

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