2020-07-09 Blair Atholl Jamborette in Scotland

Event name: Blair Atholl Jamborette in Scotland

Adult Event Advisor Name: Eric Hoadley

Adult Event Advisor Phone: TBD

Adult Event Advisor Email: hoadleys243@gmail.com

Event Date: *Estimated* July 9, 2020 to July 30, 2020

Event Time: TBD

Event Starting Location: Crossroads Parking Lot

Link to Map Click Here

Event Location: Scotland

Link to Map Click Here

Event Ending Location: Crossroads Parking Lot

Event Cost: Estimated $2,500 per person + Souvenirs/Spending Money + Passport

Event Description:

Click here for a flyer with information for this specific contingent

Click here for information about the Jamborette

Some highlights from flyer:

The Blair Atholl International Patrol Jamborette is held every two years in Blair Atholl, a small town about two hours north of Edinburgh, Scotland, on the grounds of Blair Castle. The Jamborette is like a world jamboree on a smaller, more intimate scale. It is a gathering of Scouts from all over the world, but limited to fewer than 2,000 people.

This contingent is offered through Morton Troop 178, but all Scouts from the W. D. Boyce Council are welcome to apply. Troop 178 first took a contingent to Blair Atholl in 2016 and then again in 2018. Join them when they return in 2020!

Estimated Dates:

          • July 9 – 30, 2020 (exact dates announced when known)

          • Pre‐Jamborette travel to Europe: Thursday, July 9 – Monday, July 13, 2020 (Destination TBD)

          • Jamborette: Tuesday, July 14 ‐ Friday, July 24, 2020.

    • Post‐Jamborette Homestay: Friday, July 24 – Wednesday, July 29, 2020

    • Return travel to USA: Thursday, July 30, 2020


We expect the 2020 Blair Atholl contingent fees to be around $2,500. To ease the burden of payment, we will offer a schedule of payments of about $350 every other month through May 2020. As exact costs become known, this payment schedule and the total amount due may change.


A Patrol consists of up to 6 Scouts, including the Patrol Leader. The Patrol can be Scouts from one or several Troops. Troop 178 organizers will require a minimum of 6 Scouts for this trip; our maximum will be 12 Scouts.


Our contingent currently has two adult leaders, one of each gender. Until 6 or more Scouts sign up, we are confirming no more leaders (we don’t want to create false hopes). However, adults wishing to be considered as potential leaders if enough Scouts sign up should send an email with name, email and phone to hoadleys243@gmail.com.

How to Apply

If interested, please apply as soon as possible.

    1. Interested Scouts need to send an email to hoadleys243@gmail.com stating their wish to participate.

    2. We will reply with, and you will need to promptly complete and return, the Blair Atholl Policy/Application and the Consent Form, along with a check for $300 payable to Troop 178.

    3. Confirmation of your acceptance into our contingent will follow shortly by email.

For More Information

Contact Contingent Leader Eric Hoadley at hoadleys243@gmail.com.