Pack 73 Launch

EVENT Name: Pack 73 Launch

  • Youth Event Leader Name: Even W

  • Adult Event Coordinator Name: Jeff Werner

  • Adult Event Coordinator Phone: 309-256-3756

  • Adult Event Coordinator Email:

  • Event Date: October 1st

  • Event Time: 2 PM

  • Event Starting Location: Farmdale Parking Lot

  • Event Location: Farmdale Reservoir

  • Event Ending Location: Farmdale Parking Lot

  • Event Ending Date: October 2nd

  • Event Ending Time: 10 AM

  • Event Cost: Free

  • Dress: Field Uniform & Activity Uniform (Scout T-Shirt)

  • Class B

Items to Bring:

  • Typical camping supplies for 1 fall overnight camp. Pack will provide food.

Event Description:

  • Pack launch event and AOL activity day. Help new and returning Cub Scouts launch rockets, plan/play a few games/activities, and show AOL's some Boy Scout basics (axe yard, camping gear, etc). Might also do a short hike, time/weather permitting. Opportunity for cooking easy meal (planned hot dogs/chili and chips, cobblers for desert). Overnight camping at Farmdale.

Sign up by 09/30