High Adventure: Sullivan Cave Campout

EVENT Name: High Adventure - Sullivan Cave Campout

  • Youth Event Leader Name: Jake B.

  • Adult Event Coordinator Name: Scott Borlin

  • Adult Event Coordinator Phone: 309-648-6604

  • Adult Event Coordinator Email: scottborlin@gmail.com

  • Event Date: Friday, Oct 7th - Sunday Oct 9th, 2022

  • Event Time: 5:00 PM, Friday – 4:00 PM Sunday (TBD)

  • Event Starting Location: Crossroads Parking Lot

  • Event Location: Sullivan Cave, Indiana (Near Springville, Indiana)

    • 38.93787571334744, -86.6532214277117

  • Event Ending Location: Crossroads Parking Lot

  • Event Cost: General Campout Cost around $35, Additional equipment will be needed for each scout that may cost around $50 (Specifics to be determined)

  • Dress: Class A for Car rides, Specific Clothing for Cave time

Items to Bring:

  • Field Uniform to be worn while traveling.

  • Clothes, Weather related items (sunscreen, rain gear, coat, etc.), spare set of clothes

  • Cave Exploring Equipment (List will be provided by Mr. Sawyer)

  • Mess kit (Plate/Utensils/Cup)

  • Personal items (bathroom supplies)

  • Medicine

  • See Weekend Campout Packing List

Event Description:

Sullivan Caves is a stem of caves that run under a 26 acre plot of land owned by the IKC to protect the naturality of the cave, the gate is locked, but we happen to know someone with a key.

Mr. Sawyer is a member of the Indiana Karst Society and is an experienced caver who is helping to guide this trip. He is also a former scoutmaster.

Things that can be done over the weekend:

  • Caving

Sign up by Friday 9/2/2022 (Sign-Up is closed)