Wotamalo Spring Camporee 2024 - Camp Apocalypse!

EVENT Name: Wotamalo Spring Camporee 2024 - Camp Apocalypse!

Items to Bring: 

Event Description: 

As any scout should, you must be prepared to repel the hordes of zombies and not turn into one yourself.

Make sure you have these items on your person throughout the day.

● First aid kit to help those that get hurt and carry away your injured.

● Rope or twine to lash together some defenses.

● Compass to find your way.

● Water bottle to stay hydrated. NO INGERWATER!!!

● Water purification. No need to catch the curse of the Ingerwater.

● Sturdy footwear. While zombies do not run you do need to be able to get away in a hurry on the wet slippery ground.

● Fire. Lighter, matches, flint and steel, tinder. You need to be able to light a fire quickly in an emergency.

● Pocket Knife, Fire Chit & Whittling or Totin’ Chip to make tinder.

● Scout spirit. Together we will survive!

Upon arrival your unit will be assigned a campsite. Multiple troops may be assigned together and will work

together as a group throughout the weekend.

Given this emergency there will be no central meals. All meals are to be prepared and eaten as a troop/patrol.

There are so many preparations to do before the zombie horde arrives. It is recommended to pack a sack

lunch to eat on the trail on Saturday. Time will allow for some hot food for dinner.

Webelos are welcome to lend their assistance in fortifying the camp. They must be embedded with a troop at

registration. Webelos will camp and eat with their troop.

Spring Camporee with units from Wotamalo and Heartland Districts. Zombies are taking over Ingersoll so Scouts will need to be prepared to protect the camp.

No dining hall - all camps will prepare their own meals. See flyer for additional details. https://scoutingevent.com/Download/138126787/OR/HTSpringCamporee.pdf

Sign up by April 5th, 2024