2021-04-23 Camp Red Rock - Weekend Campout

  • Event name: Camp Red Rock Weekend Campout

  • Youth Event Leader Name: Charlie B.

  • Adult Event Coordinator Name: Scott Borlin

  • Adult Event Coordinator Phone: 309-648-6604

  • Adult Event Coordinator Email: scottborlin@gmail.com

  • Event Date: Friday, April 23th - Sunday April 25th, 2021

  • Event Time: 6:00 PM, Friday – 10:00 AM Sunday (TBD)

  • Event Location: Camp Red Rock / Link to Map Camp Red Rock - Both Drop Off and Pick up will be at Red Rock! Park in the front parking lot area! Do not drive through the field to the back unless you are staying overnight. Be sure scouts are able to carry their own gear about a quarter mile - ideally in one trip.

  • Event Cost: ~$25

  • Dress: Field Uniform (Tan Shirt) & Activity Uniform (Scout T-Shirt)

  • Items to Bring:

See Weekend Campout Packing List

Don't forget your....Boy Scout handbook, Mess kit/utensils, Personal items (bathroom supplies), Medicine (given to an adult at check-in), Instrument if you want to bring one

  • Event Description:

Camp Red rock is run by Mr. Adcock who is a Scout Leader in the Peoria area. The camp has some outdoor activities and lots of room to explore. It's also a favorite among scouts that have gone before, and keep going back!

Things that can be done over the weekend:

    • Cooking/Grubmaster experience

    • Fireman Chit (needed to start and maintain fires) and Totin Chip (needed to carry a pocket knife)

    • Having fun & camping out with the Troop & learning the Troop gear & the patrol method

    • Rank Advancement work

Sign up is closed for this event - be on the lookout for a new campout coming soon.