Merit Badge day at wokanda

EVENT Name: Merit badge Day at Wokanda

  • Youth Event Leader Name: Robert S.

  • Adult Event Coordinator Name: Eric Spurgeon

  • Adult Event Coordinator Phone: 217-791-3468

  • Adult Event Coordinator Email:

  • Event Date: Friday, July 23rd - Saturday July 24th, 2021

  • Event Time: 5:00 PM, Friday – 6:00 PM, Saturday

  • Event Starting Location: Crossroads Parking Lot

  • Event Location: Camp Wokanda

  • Event Ending Location: Crossroads Parking Lot

  • Event Cost: ~$30 ($15 to Peoria Park District, $15 estimated for food)

  • Dress: Class A Uniform for Travel, Class A Uniform for Event, Class B Uniform for Event (T-Shirt)

Items to Bring:

  • Camping stuff, Merit Badge Preparation/materials/gear, Sun Protection, Rain Gear, Water Bottle

  • Scout handbook

  • Mess kit (Plate/Utensils/Cup)

  • Personal items (bathroom supplies)

  • Medicine

  • See Weekend Campout Packing List for other items needed

Event Description:

Campout at Wokanda with Merit Badge classes on Saturday.

Scouts will need to signup here, and then register additionally through the Peoria Park District site.

(you will need to create a Peoria Park District account and add scouts to your profile om order to signup)

You have the option to camp Friday night or just attend the merit badge event on Saturday. Please indicate which you will be participating in and which meals you will attend.

Still awaiting more details from the Park District.

More info here:

Request merit badge blue cards from Mr. Spurgeon.

Merit Badge classes offered:

Art, Backpacking, Bird Study, Canoeing, Chess, Citizenship in the Nation, Citizenship in the World, Communications, Cooking, Dog Care, Environmental Science, First Aid, Fishing, Geocaching, Hiking, Medicine, Metalwork, Music, Photography, Public Speaking, Scouting Heritage.

<Note that some of these merit badges will not be fully completed and will require additional work>

Sign up by 7/18/2021

Sign up form Link