Canyon Summer Camp

EVENT Name: Summer Camp

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Canyon Camp will be from July 9 to July 15th. We will check in at Crossroads at 8:30 am and leave by 9:30. We will pack a sack lunch and stop on way to eat. It's a 3 hr drive. Parents attending camp need to sign up also, please. Will return to Crossroads between 11 am and 1 pm on July 15th.

They provide 2-person wall tents with cots. (we don't need to bring tents)

Recommend 1st-year scouts and scouts without many requirements completed to sign up for Canyon ranger, will complete 50 plus requirements and can also take 2 merit badges. Merit badges can be signed up starting March 15, so please get choices submitted to Mr. Hobart prior to then to get 1st priority. This camp is different than others because they will let you change some choices on the 1st day if you change your mind, but you must bring blue cards for all merit badges. You can sign up for 6 merit badges maximum but I recommend some free time. There are 57 merit badges to choose from.

Early bird cost is $365 if paid to camp by April 15th for 2nd year and older scouts. Sibling discount is $20. The late fee is $25 after that. Adults are $175, the troop will pay the price for the first 5 adults to sign up. Cross over, new scouts can pay the reduced fee until May 15th. The scout will pay the troop and the troop will pay the camp, so payment to the troop needs to be at least 3 days prior to the camp fee due date.

Family night is Wednesday, July 12th. Order of Arrow callout will be that night. Staff cooks barbecue that night. All family is invited, the cost is $8 per adult and $5 per child meal. No pets at camp at all.

Older scouts (13+) have an option for an outdoor wilderness league, including a slingshot challenge course.




Sign up by 4/1/2023