Eagle Project

EVENT Name: Robert S Eagle Project

  • Youth Event Leader Name: Robert S

  • Adult Event Coordinator Name: Eric Spurgean

  • Adult Event Coordinator Phone: 217 791-3468

  • Adult Event Coordinator Email: spurgeon@spurgeontech.com

  • Event Date: 10-29

  • Event Time: 8 AM to 12 PM

  • Event Starting Location: Wokanda Lower Parking Lot

  • Event Location: Wokanda Cherokee Cabin

  • Event Ending Location: Wokanda Lower Parking Lot

  • Event Cost: Free

  • Dress: Field Uniform & Activity Uniform (Scout T-Shirt)

  • Class B

Items to Bring:

  • Water bottle, sunscreen (as needed), work gloves, and hat or sunglasses.

Event Description:

  • We will be installing a drainage system in front of the Cherokee cabin in Wokanda to ensure that the cabin no longer floods when it rains. To do this we will be digging in front of and around the cabin, and carrying pvc pipes and cement to place around the drain.

  • If they have any medical conditions that we need to be aware of in case of emergencies, such as asthma.

Sign up by 10/26