Documents and Forms

 Troop Documents and Forms:  
 Parents Guide  Google Doc Link
 Health Forms  Health Form and Documentation
 Elections Guide  Google Doc Link
 Leadership Expectations   Google Doc Link
 Announcement Form  Google Doc Link
 Troop Meeting Plan Template   Google Doc Link
 Event Youth Leader Checklist  Google Doc Link
 Event Adult Assistant Checklist Google Doc Link
 National Honor Patrol Award  Google Doc Link 
 Consent & Approval Form for travel  Google Doc Link
 Patrol Leader Council Planning Info  Google Doc Link
 Patrol Activities sheet  Google Doc Link
 Weekend Campout Packing List   Google Doc Link
 Summer Camp Packing List  Google Doc Link
 Grubmaster Guide 
 Grubmaster Menu Planner Google Doc Link
 Grubmaster Menu Ideas Google Doc Link
 Cook Box Inventory Google Doc Link
 Duty Roster Form Google Doc Link
 Duty Roster Form (Summer Camp) Google Doc Link
 Campfire Planning Guide Google Doc Link
 Troop 163 Merit Badge Process Google Doc Link
 Troop 163 Website - Controlled Area Google Doc Link
 Collection of Washington Calendars Washington Calendar (For Troop Planning)
 District, Council and National forms:  
 District Forms 
 WD Boyce Council Forms
 Boy Scouts of America Forms
 Unit Media Release Form
 2016 New Rank Requirements Insert
 District, Council and National documents:  
 Unit Website Guidelines
 BSA Social Medial Guidelines
 Fast Start - Building a Unit Website 

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