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2019-01-25 Klondike Campout

Event name: Klondike Campout
Youth Event Coordinator Name:
Elijah M. and Miles J.
Adult Event Coordinator Name: Ken Rose
Adult Event Coordinator Phone: 309-397-6030
Adult Event Coordinator Email:
Event Date:  Friday, January 25, 2019 - Sunday, January 27, 2019
Event Time:  5:00 PM – 11: AM
Event Starting Location: Crossroads Parking Lot
        Link to Map Click Here
Event Location: Camp Wokanda (Mossville, IL)
         Link to Map Click Here
Event Ending Location: Crossroads Parking Lot
Event Cost:
$15 + food costs
Dress: Field Uniform For Travel, Activity Uniform Event, Field Uniform for Event
Items to Bring:
  • -Sack lunch for Friday dinner (or eat before coming to the church)
  • -Sleeping bag and cot or foam pad. We have the OA cabin rented for cooking and sleeping. If desired, scouts may also sleep outside in their tent with a tent buddy. If you plan to tent-out (others have before) see Mr. Rose or Gumby first. -Sheet to cover mattress or floor -Warm footwear! DO NOT plan on wearing gym shoes outdoors. If there is snow, plan on wearing snow boots or warm hiking boots. If there is no snow, wear hiking boots or other, very sturdy (and ideally waterproof) shoes or boots. -Warm clothes in layers. We will be outside all day. Avoid things made of cotton (shirts, pants, socks, etc.)! Make sure all clothing and gear has your name on it / in it somewhere. -Bring a hat and warm gloves. Yes, you need these. -Extra clothes, gloves, and socks. There is a good chance that clothes will get wet during the day. Do not forget extra, warm socks! -Pajamas or other sleepware (t-shirt and sweatpants work just fine) -Light shoes (crocks, moccasins, slippers, etc.) to wear inside the cabin -Water bottle (yes, even in winter you need to drink water to stay hydrated) -Mess and chow kit -Scout Book (plan ahead - get some requirements signed-off!) -Cards, board games (keep in mind that elaborate games with multiple pieces and / or long playing time requirements are not practical for an event like this) -Signed Camp Wokanda waiver form. Every scout and parent attending needs to fill one out. Download Link: Camp Wokanda Waiver
Event Description:  This year Troop 163 is co-hosting with Morton Troop 178 so we will have the opportunity to help run the stations and overall event. We'll be staying in the large, comfortable OA lodge along with Troop 178, so we'll get to know them and share the experience. This is a great event for new and experienced Scouts alike, as the experience is different every time. This is also good prep for the next time, as we will be hosting the 2020 Klondike along with another troop.
We will meet at the church on Friday evening and drive out to Camp Wokanda. After getting gear unloaded, etc. we'll have some prep for the morning's events then probably have a Cracker Barrel or other light snack (Gumby is attending, so you know there will be some good food). Saturday we'll have breakfast, run the event with Troop 178, then have dinner and probably a short "Scout's Own" non-denominational service. Later in the evening will be free time for games, etc. On Sunday, we'll have a quick breakfast, finish packing-up, and head back to the church, planning to be back by around 11AM (weather and other circumstances permitting).
Don't worry about winter weather -- if you dress warmly, this will be one of the most fun events of the year (especially since we're sleeping in the heated OA lodge). If it is impossible to attend the whole weekend (though it is highly recommended - some of the most fun is before and after the event), you could come out for just Saturday. We need at least 6 adults, including the two designated Adult Leaders (but more would be helpful) and 16 Scouts to be able to run our share of the stations, etc. Don't miss this opportunity to help make the 2019 Klondike the best ever (until the 2020 Klondike...) and enjoy the best event of the year!

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