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2018-06-17 ISR Summer Camp

Event name: ISR Summer Camp
Youth Event Leader Name: Ben G.
Adult Event Coordinator Name: Gumby Gronewold / James Olsen
Adult Event Coordinator Phone: 309.340.2554
Adult Event Coordinator Email:
Event Date/Time:  Sunday, June 17 9:30 AM - Saturday, June 23 12:00 PM
Event Starting Location: Crossroads Parking Lot
        Link to Map Click Here
Event Location: Ingersoll Scout Reservation (33 Knox Road 650 E, London Mills, IL) - Kaskaskia Campsite
         Link to Map Click Here

Event Ending Location: Crossroads Parking Lot
Event Cost:
approx $350 (early bird subtract $15) + Spending money for Trading post + any extra needed for Merit Badge supplies
Dress: Field Uniform & Activity Uniform (Scout T-Shirt)
Items to Bring: Field Uniform to be worn while traveling.
    Clothes, Weather related items (sunscreen, rain gear, coat, etc.), spare set of clothes
    Boy Scout handbook     Mess kit, utensils     Sleeping bag (tent & sleeping bag if you want)     Personal items (bathroom supplies)     Medicine 
    See also page 9 in ISR Summer Camp Guide (link is near sign up form)
Event Description:  
Come join the great Summer Camp experience! Work on Merit Badges, attend Brown Sea Island (Tenderfoot to 1st class requirements), have fun during free time and campout with the Troop at Ingersoll Scout Reservation, with over 900 acres of land just for the Boy Scouts of America! 
Camp's Early Bird deadline is April 20, but turn your full early bird payment into our Troop treasurer, Mrs. Nemec on or before Monday, April 16. This year’s early bird deposit is $300 for youths and $155 for adults. Deposits go up to $315 for youth and $175 for adults after our April 16 meeting. Final sign up deadline for ISR camp is Monday, May 14 and all fees must be turned in to Mrs. Nemec at that time.
Select the Activities and Merit Badges that you want to work on from the attached Summer Camp Guide (pages 17-30). Reminder: 1st year scouts should consider signing-up for Trailblazer at Brown Sea Island (Page 27) to cover many rank requirements. Older scouts should not try to pack their schedule with merit badges -- they should make sure they have time to enjoy camp and play.

First, sign up using the form at the bottom of this page. After you have looked at the Summer Camp Guide and selected your merit badges and activities, print out this Merit Badge and Activity Selection Form and put your name on it. Then circle your merit badge selections, select any extra programs you would like to do, and rank your top 5 outpost program options. Once all that is done, visit Mrs. Nemec to pay your camp deposit (from your scout account and/or cash or check) and she'll sign your sheet. Then bring your signed sheet it to Scoutmaster Olsen to talk about your selections and get your blue cards. Phew! Then you'll be registered for camp!

Make sure to check your Merit Badges for prerequisites (pages 26 and 27). If any of them have prerequisites, make sure you start working on them right away--do not wait until just before camp. They must be complete before camp or you will not complete the merit badge while at camp.


This year our troop will cover ISR's registration costs for three adults (or more necessary to maintain a 1:10 adult/scout ratio) that are willing to attend the entire week and actively participate in maintaining a quality and safe environment for the scouts. This is our way to say "thank you" to those willing to dedicate 6 days to our scouts. If you are interested in helping us out, check out the Adult Summer Camp Application linked below for more details. Fill it out as soon as you can and either email to SM Olsen, mail it to him (see troop roster in secure website area), or give it to him at any Monday troop meeting.


Registration is closed.