Health Form

How do I get the Health Form?

The official Boy Scout health form for 2014 is available at:

Link to the BSA Annual Health and Medical Form Page:

Which parts of the Health Form do I need to fill out?
If the total length event is less than 72 hours (most weekend campouts):
For most weekend campouts, you only need Parts A and B filled out by a parent/guardian.

If the total length of the event is more 72 hours or longer (such as summer camp):
To go to summer camp, you need ALL parts completed: A AND B AND C.
Part C MUST be signed by a LICENSED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL less than a year before the END of your camp.

Do you have any advice on filling out the Health Form?

  1. Please, ALL scouts AND scouters, when you go in for a physical (school, sport, work, etc), take a copy of Part C and have your examiner fill it out. That way you only have to have one physical exam and get all the paperwork you need filled out at once; some places won't charge for the extra form. Make a copy for your scout box and give a copy to the troop health records chair.
  2. To save yourself some effort each year, you may want to save the Health Form PDF to your computer and use a PDF viewing tool, like Adobe Acrobat, to fill out parts A and B electronically. You can then re-save the form with all of the information in it, so it can be used year after year by simply updating only information that has changed over the course of the year. Once the information is correct, you can print it and only have to sign and date it. Remember, part C must be filled out by a licensed medical professional, so leave that sheet blank.